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Why aren't new folders being replicated during my backup job all of the sudden?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Users began seeing the problem on Windows 10 after the Creators Update to version 1703 was released in April of 2017.



Reconfigure your jobs to access your Source Folders and Destination Folders by their Long UNC path names, such as \\?\C:\File , instead only drive letter path names (called Local File System paths) .


I changed my Source Folder from this
Into this
The only difference between my original Source Folder name and the changed one is the additional four characters appearing just before the drive letter, the: \\?\
  • The \\?\ part comes first, then your drive letter, a colon, a backslash, and the rest of your folder name
To address my Destination Folder, I added \\?\ before the Y:\Backups\Test\Users\Joe\Documents
  • Your Destination Folder might not be on drive Y: like mine -- perhaps yours is on D: or E:

Microsoft Windows uses the following types of paths (
  • local file system (LFS), such as
  • uniform naming convention (UNC), such as \\Server\Volume\File or /[\Directory name] (at least in Windows 7 and later)
  • long UNC or UNCW, such as \\?\C:\File or \\?\UNC\Server\Volume\File

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