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Directory Printer does not remember my settings on Windows 10
Last Updated a year ago

Please upgrade Directory Printer

This was fixed in v5.4.1.   Please install the latest version.

[old solution]

Known issue: Started after Windows 10 Creator's Update


If you've just installed on Windows 10 and your settings are not being saved, then Directory Printer probably wasn't able to create the directory into which the settings file should be saved.

You can run the following command to create that directory:

CMD /K MKDIR "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Karen's Power Tools\Directory Printer"

To run a command, press the Windows Key-R combination and paste the command into the Run dialog box. "CMD" is the command precessor, CMD.EXE. The /K switch tells it to run the command that follows and then to stay open, so you can see if it worked. If the command did work, then you don't see an error message: (I know, right?)


If you see a message like this one, then this was not the cause of the problem. Sorry, please open a ticket.


If you just want to take a look:

explorer "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Karen's Power Tools"



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