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Error 3 - The system cannot find the path specified
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Even if you're not running one of the versions of Windows listed below, if you're seeing Error 3 reasons for failures running Replicator jobs then please upgrade Replicator to v3.7.6 or later.

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Upgrade to the latest version of Replicator.


Users running Windows 10 v1703 Creators Update, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 will experience this problem on Replicator v3.7.5 and older. This can also happen on the latest version of Windows 10 if the file system on an external drive was formatted by or in the same way as one of those versions of Windows.


Affects v3.7.5, v3.7.4, v3.7.3, v3.7.2, v3.7.1, v3.7, v3.6.9

First fixed in Replicator v3.7.6 build April 24, 2020.


Some users of Windows Server experience the following problem using Replicator:

7/1/2019 08:11:58 AM: Error: Copy of C:\Source\Proj\README.txt to 
D:\Destination\README.txt Failed (Error 3 - The system cannot find the path 

Until v3.7.6, Replicator employed a special set of steps to check for the existence of a folder. The steps solved a problem way back when, on networked systems, potentially over slow network connections, potentially over protocols such as FTP. One of the steps depended on behavior of the Windows operating system when opening a filename like:

D:\Backups\Documents\Tax Records\NUL

These operating systems behave differently from when Karen wrote the code: Windows 10 v1703, Windows Server 2012R2 (and others), Windows 8.1

Only it's not the version of Windows that's running Replicator that alone is the issue, it's the file system on the destination drive. You can format an external drive using NTFS on a Windows 8.1 system then take it to modern Windows 10 and Replicator will have problems with it.

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