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How do I copy my jobs and configuration to a backup drive? How do I restore them on a new machine?
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Your Jobs and other configurations are stored with your Windows profile as plain text files.

To backup your settings:

  1. Open the Replicator settings folder.  Here are a two of the ways to find it:
    • Copy the following macro string, paste it into a Run command box, and OK to open the folder in File Explorer:
      "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Karen's Power Tools\Replicator"


      You can open the Run command box by right-clicking the Start menu button
      and choosing it from the popup menu. The WinKey-R keyboard shortcut
      will open the Run command box, too.

    • OR; double-click the Settings Folder line in the middle of the About Replicator window.

  2. Exit Replicator, the process should terminate, not be minimized and hiding in the system tray, for instance. The jobs configuration file is updated with the last statistics just before Replicator shuts down.
  3. Copy Exclusions.txt, FileFilters.txt, and Jobs.txt files to backup storage.


To restore your settings:

  1. Exit Replicator
  2. Run the command above to open Explorer to the profile directory (Windows Key + R)
  3. Copy the files from your backup so they replace .
  4. Start Replicator


To install backed up configuration to new machine:

  1. Install Replicator on the new machine
  2. Launch Replicator (no need to configure anything)
  3. Perform the steps "To restore your settings" above beginning with Exit Replicator.


Q: Can't I just Replicate this directory?

A: Yes, you could create a job to replicate that directory. You'll need to use the real, absolute path. In my case, that would be C:\Users\joe\AppData\Local\Karen's Power Tools\Replicator, but yours will differ according to your user name.

BUT: You said Replicator has to be stopped to copy the files?!?!?!

YES: It's going to backup the configuration of the jobs without the latest job statistics. If you restore the files, the jobs as configured will be there to run, but the "Last Run" and historical stats will be missing for that job.

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