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Windows Explorer "Print with DirPrn ..." won't go away!
Last Updated 6 months ago

Confirmed as a problem on Windows 10

Directory Printer's shell context menu item might be added, but then cannot be removed, even if the application is uninstalled.

How It Should Work.

Directory Printer is supposed to remove the registry keys that created the shell context menu item when you uncheck the "Print with DirPrn" option on the Other Settings tab.

Why Didn't It Work?

I would have to speculate.

How to Fix.

You can edit your own registry (helper files below) or wait for a new installer.

Editing Registry

Messing up your Windows registry can cause your computer to completely stop working. I suggest you wait for a fixed installer.

If you want to edit your registry to remove those entries, you will find Clear-Print-with-DirPrn.reg attached to this article. It's on the right side, in a box.

If you click it, you should just see the contents, exactly this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\Print with DirPrn ...]

[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\shell\Print with DirPrn ...]
This .reg file will cause the C:\Windows\regedit.exe program that ships with Windows 10 (and others) to remove the two keys listed in the file.

To download the file, you'll have to right-click the link and choose "Save file as" or "Download attachment" or whatever your browser asks when you right click on a link.

Once downloaded, you can double-click that file in Windows and you should see a confirmation request like this:


If you click Yes, you'll see another like this:


If you click Yes, you'll see a result like this:


Classic Microsoft dialog box says "keys and values" have been successfully added to the registry, whether things were added, modified, or removed. It should have removed those keys. If you close Windows Explorer and then open Windows Explorer, the context menu item should be gone.


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